We at VIRGEN DEL PILAR.COM appreciated your Interest and will like to thank you for coming to ours site.

Our business at this time is focusing on breeding, maintaining and enhancing the ideal Peruvian Paso horse which posses astonishing beauty, extraordinary gait and remarkable temperament. Or aid in this pursuit is JRM RESPLANDOR one of the best PERUVIAN PASO ( STEP ) HORSE in existence. He has been revered as one of the Greatest sires and genetic improvers since 1998. To this day, this splendorous Stallion has sired some of the best Paso champs both in mare and stallion categories.

From Champion colt in 1985 to Champion of Champions stallion in 1990/92 his traits are with out a doubt ideal. Traits that have been passed down to his offspring, Who have commanded some of best positions in the Shows they have partaken in. So don't miss out this opportunity to reserve the services of this Champ, or the buy off his offspring for you to breed and bring up the worlds future Champs.

For availability of this stallions frozen semen please contact us at any of the following E-mails. Or refer to our contact page for more details.


Thank you

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