We would like to dedicate this opening page to the introduction of our " Criadero, Virgen del pilar ". This commanding horse breeding facility is located in irrigacion santa rosa, sayan lima Peru. Here we dedicate our efforts to the breeding of the Peruvian Paso Horse or Step Horse and the selling of our stallions services for the use of artificial insemination on your breeding. Of course we are best know for the services We provide with JRM RESPLANDOR.

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" T H E   P E R I V I A N   P A S O "

Quoting author Jane smiley " every horse story is a love story." And indeed is the case when this amazing animals are mounted or discover for the first time. This unexceptional change of mind do to an experience which no other horse can bring over whelms all riders. Perhaps it is this which has kept the breeds transfer to all other nations without much loss of it's heritage.

Holding true to the path placed over 400 years ago the Breeders in Peru spent generations fashioning a breed of horse with matchless traits. Traits such as extraordinary gait, strength and remarkable temperament with all of these qualities combined the Peruvian Paso horse's beauty depicts naturally. It is do to this qualities that once one saddles them, no matter what thought you may have had, these horses all of the sudden turn into powerful, exquisite stallions befitting a royalty you never thought a horse could have. It is then that comes the transition that this horses are above of any breed one can think of when it comes to ridding.

Peruvian Paso horses natural state is due to the fact that Peruvian owners and breeders differed from all others. This is because they were People who spent countless hours riding their horses about their plantations. As riders, rather than trainers, they preferably persisted on creating qualities through genetic assortment rather than training or forcing an animal to do something other than it's natural process. In doing so they have held on to traditions which have kept the breed unique rather than letting it dissolve into the likeness of other breeds or making the animal do something unnaturally looking or unnatural to them.

Because of this, this stallions are the masters at what they do and what we at " Criadero, Virgen del pilar " stride on maintaining. After all is our strong believe that Peruvian Paso's are breed not trained.

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